Ninjatrader Brokerage Staff Interested in Car Trading

Capital Junk a Car is always looking for new and interesting ways to boost our company. With the integration of the right marketing strategy, we are able to attract more people that are interested in used cars. Many of our online visitors are interested in quality vehicles at affordable prices and this is what we would like to give our customers. Recently a Ninjatrader brokerage reached out to our company with the idea of a great concept. The owner of this brokerage happens to be a friend of our founder. They spoke about a collaboration between the two companies based on marketing tools and online boosting. The founder of the Ninjatrader brokerage suggested to do something unique. Since the company is operating in the online trading industry, why not do the same with cars? This is where the idea of car trading was born and we immediately started with the preparations.

Car trading is not very popular, since a lot of people don’t trust this kind of trading. We decided to host a trading day, where the staff of the online trading company are allowed to visit our shop together with their car. The car trading will be guided by our professional mechanics, who will check all the vehicles in advance. Based on the findings of our mechanics, all the car owners will receive a budget category. With this budget category, they are allowed to choose a vehicle at our shop. After all the papers and contracts are signed, we will swap the cars and upgrade the new load of cars in our shop. Our goal is to improve our online presence by spreading the news about the car trading day. This will give our company the extra boost that we’re currently looking for. The first car trading day will be a test, which will be evaluated afterwards. The plan is to organize more promotional events and fun activities in the future together with the Ninjatrader brokerage.

We at Capital Junk a Car are also planning to provide workshops to car owners that would like to sell their car in order to buy a new one. During the workshop we will provide some more information regarding paperwork and documents, advertisement of vehicles online and offline, how to clean your car without spending too much money and the organization of test drives for potential buyers. The workshops will take place in our local shop. Besides our car trading activity and our upcoming workshops, we are developing more ideas to educate people about car selling and buying. If you would like to attend a one on one workshop with one of our experienced mechanics, please make sure to send Capital Junk a Car a message with your request and we will make it happen!

If you would like to know more information, or if you have further questions regarding our latest promotions and deals, don’t hesitate to contact our shop. Our goal is to have a bigger amount of environmentally friendly vehicles on the roads in the United Kingdom. If you would like to invest in a safe car, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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