Nederlandse Casino Informatie And Capital Junk Join Hands

Nederlandse casino informatie and Capital Junk join hands for Capital’s first event!

Did you know that we at Capital junk a Car have more passions than just cars? This might come as a shocker to you, and of course cars are our first and biggest love, but we also have a small place in our hearts for online casinos. Our founder worked at Kroon casino for years and we still love to provide help to Nederlandse casino informatie or other useful companies in an original way. Therefore we decided to turn our passion into something fun! We took part in a big fundraising event last week together with our friends of Kroon Casino and Nederlandse Casino Informatie.


Nederlandse Casino Informatie provides information about online casinos in general, but also about Dutch casinos and big differences between bonuses. Our team is a big fan of them since we get tipped about great prizes very often. Nederlandse casino informatie organizes charity events on a regular basis, and we were happy to participate this time. Since we’ve got two Dutch employees, and we love Amsterdam, the combination seemed like a perfect theme for an event to remember…


If you’ve ever had the chance to organize a big event, you know that it’s fun, but not that easy! Above that, we wanted it to be something special: an event that felt like a casino night, but cozy, and with Amsterdam on our minds too. Since nederlandse casino informatie could provide many resources, in the Netherlands as well, we were able to have a kick start as an event planner and our team members were all assigned a task. Some were assigned to search for a location, others to check facilities or to take care of the infrastructure, and last, but not least: our promotion needed to be arranged down to the last detail!

It’s time to promote ourselves!

For us at Capital junk this event was the ultimate chance to meet new people and to show everybody what we offer and what we can do for you! Selling and buying a car can both be a real pickle, and we are experts in this field. We’re always happy to explain the pitfalls to buyers as well as sellers. Therefore, we decided to select some of our cars from the showroom, and offered some great deals as well. After our promotions were set, the location was arranged, and everything was in order, we were ready to rumble!

Nederlandse casino informatie to play and Capital Junk to drive

You probably guessed it: our location was turned into a tiny Amsterdam! It was amazing to see how an empty space was transformed into a game room with posters, Dutch cheese, and bonuses and information by nederlandse casino informatie. Nederlandse casino informatie was able to explain to beginners the tips and tricks of online casinos while offering try-out games of every level. We at Capital junk a Car took our part seriously as well, and offered test rides in our most wanted cars and collector’s items (Yes, we’ve got those too!) . We were also able to amaze many people with our services and hope to be able to help them in the future again.

How did we do?

So, a night to remember it definitely was! Together with nederlandse casino informatie we were able to raise a very reasonable amount for charity, and we got a taste of the event industry. I think this means we’ve got another passion to add to our list: events!