I just want to junk my car out, and not have to worry about it, what do you guys need?

If you want to just "junk my car" in New Jersey then give us a call.

If you are saying to yourself I just want to junk my car, then there is not place easier to get rid of that junk car than Capital Junk a Car. We offer quick removal and get you the most cash for your junk car. Why not just junk my car and get paid cash for it. The process is simple and quick, and you only need a few pieces of information.

1. Your vehicles title is a must. If you have the title in your name we can jump start the process and get your claim processed faster than anyone else. If you do not have a title handy but the vehicle is registered in your name then we can simply file an application for a duplicate title. We work with you to ensure that you get the most money and have you remember that when you think of "junk my car" you call Capital Junk a Car.

2. The vehicle location is something that we also need. Once we have the title all we need to know is where the vehicle is located. We can setup and figure out which one of our network towers the the closest to your vehicle. This ensures that your vehicle is picked up in a timely matter and removed without a problem.

The junk my car process is very simple. All we need from you is your vehicle information, a copy of your vehicles title, a copy of the registered owner's driver license and a signed contract allowing us to remove the vehicle. Give us a call and get paid for your junk car. If you think how can I get rid of my junk car then give us a call and put us to work.

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