About Us

The founder

The founder of Capitaljunkacar.com used to work for kroon casino, this casino offers nederlandse casino informatie, and kroon casino free spins bonus. After working here a few years he decided to focus on the thing he loved more, cars.  The idea for Capitaljunkacar.com came as our company founder watched young relatives earn their driver’s licences and seek affordable autos for work and play. They often preferred used cars because they recognised that they could get an affordable second-hand version of the new car that they wanted. Our founder had always been interested in all things that pertained to cars, so he watched closely to see how their used car buying experiences unfolded.


The used car market was just as he suspected. It was rife with dubious vehicles that were being hawked by dealers who cared only for short-term gains. While reputable dealerships existed to serve young working class drivers, getting a reliable, used car from them took a lot of research, effort and added expense. Our founder knew that he could improve the public’s pre-owned car buying experience by just making car-related information easily accessible.


At Capitaljunkacar.com, we serve UK used car buyers with in-depth consumer reports, news about the latest regulatory actions that govern the industry and car buying advice from industry experts. We place a high priority on delivering content that supports safe and eco-friendly used vehicle purchases. While we primarily serve as a consumer reports website, we consider our company as a corporate environmental steward as well. After all, the process of buying and selling used cars is the ultimate upcycling activity.

Take a look at our main groups of readers.

New Drivers. This type of car buyer statistically gets into accidents during their first few years on the road. They need information that will lead them to affordable used cars that have proven safety track records.

Working-Class Drivers. They need the latest data on dependable vehicles that are fuel-efficient and that have low total ownership costs.

Families. This group relies on car buying tips from the experts and regulatory news to choose second cars that are used to run errands and transport children to extracurricular activities. This group of readers buys used cars that are reliable, safe and usually have high resale values.

Our team

We serve our site visitors by creating value out of what some would consider junk. Our team of content creators, webmasters and editors add their skills and abilities at every step of the used car buying journey. At Capitaljunkacar.com, you can learn how to identify reliable and safe used vehicles that are sold by private individuals and at dealerships. We let you know about your consumer rights to purchase safe cars from dealers and your legal protections against false advertising. Featured stories from industry insiders can help to steer you toward the best used car makes and models on the market. At Capitaljunkacar.com, we help to take the guesswork and uncertainty out of the used car buying process.

The results are more dependable, environmentally friendly vehicles on UK roads and lots of satisfied used car buyers. Visit our website when you’re ready to invest in a second-hand car for work, school or leisure.