A bonus for Kroon Casino with the greatest car deal!

Our aim at Capital junk a Car is to be able to satisfy all kinds of customers. Whether it’s a youngster who just got his driving license, or a family of six who’s in need of reliable transport. We always try to find the best deal, but did you know we also love to work with companies? Last month we were able to help out Kroon Casino: a casino that’s more than just free spins, jackpots, and a bonus. Let us tell you why!


Whenever a company contacts us we try to understand the company’s policy and ideology. With Kroon Casino we were already familiar since our founder used to work there and our staff often gets great discounts, free spins or a bonus whenever we hop in after work. Therefore, we already had a great feeling about their newest request.


Kroon Casino was loud and clear: they wanted to provide safe transport for their new staff in the United Kingdom. Some of these employers just moved to the UK while others just started their career and didn’t have a car yet. Kroon Casino often gives rookies a chance and we totally support this way of working. To us at Capital junk a Car this seemed like a great way to welcome new employees, and we decided to do our utmost best to help Kroon Casino.

How do we create a deal?

But, how do we make an offer? What cars do we recommend? After consulting with Kroon Casino it became obvious that reliability for their five new staff members was the main priority. Since Kroon Casino is very popular for its kroon casino free spins bonus and big bonus, people from all around the world want to be able to play at their preferred time. This, however, means the staff needs to be able to work irregular times and transport can’t be an issue. Another considerable aspect is that some staff members are new to the UK and might not be used to driving on the left, yet. You might forget about this aspect, but at Capital junk a Car we know how big an issue this can be!

Free spins for Kroon Casino!

So there it was: a recipe for five cars. What did it say? We needed cars with a steady engine, easy to park with parts that can easily be purchased. The cars needed automatic transmissions too since driving at the left might already be energy consuming enough for the drivers. We selected eight slim, fast and reliable cars for a reasonable price and Kroon Casino was able to select which they preferred. As a bonus we offered them some free spins on these new wheels for a whole day to make up their minds. We can do this, because we’ve got long-standing relationship with Kroon Casino. We’ve got many customers with whom we have a strong relationship, and we always aim in building these kind of connections.

A happy customer is the best bonus!

The new staff members of Kroon Casino had a great start at their new job and their new cars provide everything they need. Some of them even told us he’d never dreamt of owning a car like this! To us at Capital junk a Car a satisfied customer is of the utmost importance. We sell cars, but it won’t be satisfying for us to make our customers unhappy. The deal with Kroon Casino is the perfect example of why we want to stay connected with you: we made a great deal with a friend and we want to see them happy, and of course we’ll be getting some kroon casino free spins bonus, and another bonus or two in return!