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Got a junk car sitting in your driveway, or outside your house in the street becoming an eye-sore to your neighbors?  Maybe you've been getting tickets from your township or county for having your car sitting there collecting rust.  Maybe you're just not sure how it works or how easy it is to get rid of your car...

We specialize in getting rid of unwanted vehicles in fast, environmentally-friendly way (junk cars we dispose of end up being recycled, used for spare parts, or turned into scrap metal for use in other applications).

Let us pay you top dollar for your vehicle, and get it towed away at absolutely no cost to you.  Across the United States more and more townships and counties are implementing laws called "Junk Car Ordinances" which prohibit you from keeping a vehicle that is non-running, wrecked, or considered "junk" in your driveway beyond a certain time-frame!

Turn that beat-up "Dusty Rusty" into "Benjamin Franklin"!

  • Junk Car

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  • Junk Car

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  • We accept junk cars, non-running cars, wrecked cars, or even totaled cars.  Pick-up is FREE, and typically within 48 hours time GUARANTEED!

    Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed and backed by the CJAC "Top Dollar" Guarantee!

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