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Reliable, pre-owned cars can be hard to find. Capitaljunkacar.com is your trustworthy source of information relating to quality second-hand cars of all makes and models. Our comprehensive database of articles, industry journal publications and regulations give you the tools that you need to buy your next used vehicle with confidence.

As our name implies, we’ve seen our share of junk used automobile. You know the kind of vehicles that sometimes make their way to used car dealerships. They are the ones that can barely pass a test drive and are most often sold “as is.” According to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, nearly 40% of used car buyers surveyed by them in 2015 were not completely satisfied with their purchased vehicle or their overall buying experience at used car dealerships. At Capitaljunkacar.com, we recognise this dismal statistic as an opportunity to distinguish ourselves in our industry niche market. We are committed to raising the bar for used car purchases in the UK by highlighting used car buying best practices, relevant industry studies and eye-opening consumer reports.

At Capitaljunkacar.com, we want you to feel comfortable throughout the car buying process. That is why we aim to make used car dealership practices as transparent as possible for everyone. When their mechanics conduct vehicle inspections according to exacting industry standards, we provide information about the inspection criteria and methods that they likely use. Our resources will guide you to the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) approved dealers network. These dealers conduct car inspections and repairs that are based upon an 82-point vehicle preparation standard that is accredited by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. Second-hand vehicles that you purchase from them usually come with three-month RAC warranties that help to make the second-hand car buying process worry-free.

Many of our readers are first-time, used car buyers who are looking for quality vehicles at affordable prices. Our informational tools, tips and calculators will help you to avoid the common pitfalls that are associated with used car buying. Through our service, you’ll be well on your way to finding that perfect vehicle that will meet your long-term needs, lifestyle preferences and budget. We believe that every encounter with our readers is a chance for us to build a new relationship that we hope will last for many years. We look forward to hearing about your used car buying experiences in the comments section.

At Capitaljunkacar.com, we believe that used car buying is truly the way to go for many UK citizens. As a car buyer, you can either purchase a lower quality new car, or you can invest in a pre-owned vehicle that is of higher quality. Many consumers choose the latter option because it is the ideal way to get the car that they actually want at a reasonable price. The benefits of this option is even greater when the used vehicle is one that has low maintenance attributes. Depending on the make and model, a used vehicle can also have a high resale value, which adds to the advantages of purchasing it. When you’re ready to get behind the wheel of your perfect second-hand car, make sure to prepare yourself with all the latest used car buying information that can be found on the Capitaljunkacar.com site.

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